Parenting 101

taught by Matthew Cox
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Course description

What do you do when your teens, children, or grandchildren are exhibiting unhealthy behaviors that may be detrimental to their life?

some people have created unhealthy beliefs about who they are and how others perceive them. This insecurity often causes anger, resentment, fear, depression, and strained relationships. Teens with challenging reputations would have another chance to prove their abilities and demonstrate their talent. I this online course you will learn effective parenting skills, parenting roles that lead to accountability, co-parenting and values based parenting program.

Matthew  Cox
Matthew Cox
Life Coach

Matthew as been working with teenagers and families in crisis for the last 18 years. He has been a life coach helping families in the areas of communication, unity, and helping families redefine their purpose and reconnecting to their values. He helps them overcome the trials and stress that they face in everyday life by helping them simplify and instill value based principles within their home to become a stronger unit. Matthew has a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications and New Media from Dixie State College and recently obtained his Master’s degree in Management and Public Administration from the University of Phoenix. Matthew is a Co-founder of the Never Give Up Foundation. He travels around the country and puts on workshops for parents of children with learning disabilities, shares his story about growing up with a learning disability, and instills hope in children and families. He is currently working in the Las Vegas area helping families and children to be successful throughout their lives.

Matthew L. Cox
Entrepreneur,Speaker, Life Coach
Co-Founder of Never Give Up Foundation

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